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We are in the business of ensuring that you get the best possible experience, regardless of the choice of destination, budget, and other travel preferences. We are a proudly Filipino-owned enterprise, and we aim to bring the Philippines to the forefront of World Tourism. It is also our goal to promote the Philippines as a top choice in holiday destination for people from all over the globe.


We see the Filipino people becoming more enamored with the prospect of traveling. What used to be a pipedream for most people is now a reality that many can afford. We envision the world without borders and one that allows Filipinos to travel all over without having to worry about exorbitant expenses and all the hassles that come with exploring the most beautiful parts of the globe.


We pride ourselves in creating wonderful travel experiences for everyone who knocks on our virtual doors. Scout Travel and Tours are committed to bringing you only the best holidays at a price that won’t break the bank. We understand the need to satisfy one’s wanderlust, and we realize that most people have to do this with a budget in mind. Our travel packages and services are designed to provide the most well-rounded and comprehensive sojourns that will leave anyone rested, replenished, and yearning for more travel.



Holiday Packages
We offer domestic and international travel packages for dozens of holiday destinations. We create only the best itineraries that would give you the ultimate experience at every location. As a proud Filipino-owned company, we highlight the Philippines’ best destinations, not the least of which are the hundreds of stunning beaches all over the country.

We also continuously update our packages to offer more variety to keen travelers who want to see more of the world.

Passport & Visa Assistance
For first time travellers, or when you need to apply for Passport/Visa renewal, our office can offer assistance in filing the paperwork and processing your request. We make sure that all processes are above board and legal, so you do not have to worry about a thing. This way you can look forward to traveling, sans the hassle that comes with obtaining the necessary documents.
Travel Insurance
Staying safe and secured on vacations is paramount. Our assistance in obtaining travel insurance makes the experience pleasant and worry-free for everyone.
Domestic & Int'l Ticketing
Booking online can be frustrating for a lot of people. Errors in dates swapped/switched destinations, and airfare discrepancies happen all the time. With Scout Travel and Tours, we eliminate all the guesswork and provide you with seamless ticketing service. We get it done in minutes, and you are all set for your getaway.
Customized Travel Packages
We recognize that everyone has their dream vacation in mind. Our customized travel packages allow for a personalized holiday that takes your preferences in consideration. We only want you to enjoy your trip and get to the places you wish to visit. If there are destinations you want to include in your itinerary, just let us know, and we will find ways to arrange it for you. We also cater to large groups or company excursions that would require accommodating dozens of people at once.
Travel Consultation
If you are not sure of where to go for vacation, we provide with all the best choices for all types of travelers. Also, we can suggest a wide variety of restaurants as well as hotels. We like your experience to be as pleasant as possible, so we do all the research on your behalf. Our agents are well-versed in all the trends in local and world travel so that they can provide you with excellent suggestions based on your preferences.
Hotel Reservation
Not sure where to stay for your holiday? We can guide you through the process of choosing and booking hotel rooms/suites. Just provide us with the specifications you want, and we will do all the work for you. We want your vacation to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible, so we choose only the best accommodations that fit your exacting preferences and budget.
Van Rentals
Securing transportation when on holidays can be a pain in the neck. Scout Travel and Tours ease this burden off your hands by offering van rentals. You can sit back and enjoy your vacation while you are driven to whichever location you prefer. We also arrange for airport pickups and drop-offs.
NSO/Birth/Marriage Certificate Processing
We all live fast-paced lives these days, which does not allow us a lot of time for tedious paperwork. Still, people need to obtain documents such as certificates of live birth, Marriage certificate, CENOMAR, and everything else in between. We provide assistance in applying for each one of these legal documents, so you don’t have to suffer through long queues and the hours of waiting that comes with it.



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